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I'm creating a lot of custom minifig designs at the moment to render and I find I'm having to export individual files (in the OBJ export) for the decals as I need them from mecabricks, then modify them to my purposes to reapply in blender. It's rather time consuming and I was wondering if there's a way to simply download all the decal assets locally to save myself time?

Also I've noticed a lot of torsos, heads and legs have inconsistent UVs on their models, which makes simply swapping decals on arbitrary heads or torsos quite painful. Is there a plan to standardize UVs on models/pieces as I imagine this problem could only get worse as the mecabricks platform matures and adds more parts/pieces/decals
8 Jul 2019, 06:45
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What do you mean by inconsistency? Can you give examples of parts?
8 Jul 2019, 06:59
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I will assume that the filenames exported for heads is the same as the part number, 3626d106 for example is a wide image whereas 3626d233 is a square image
8 Jul 2019, 09:11
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Yes, there are multiple uv maps in use for different cases. See this topic to see which ones are current for minifigures: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/1357

On the top of that, there are also legacy ones. Things evolve over time and it is just impossible to migrate thousands of decorations when a better map or a better mesh is created.

Remember that in the object tab of the workshop, you can see which mesh (same name as uv map) is used for the selected part.
8 Jul 2019, 09:33
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