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I'm trying to create decals for set 42077 (Rally Car / Dune Buggy). I haven't done this before but I've tried to find relevant forum posts to get some idea about the workflow. I've looked through the UV map collection but can't find UV maps for 64394, 64392, 64680, 64682, 64681, 64393 so that leads to my question: Can UV maps be generated using Blender to 'unwrap' a part? If yes, then any suggestions for relevant tutorials?
7 Jul 2019, 17:23
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Hello DeltaVee,
All these uv maps are already available in the google drive folder.
In the future, if you wish to create official decorations for parts without existing uv maps, just ask me.
If you wish to learn how to do it with Blender just type blender uv unwrapping in Google.
7 Jul 2019, 21:34
Edited 8 Jul 2019, 06:35
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Ok, thanks Scrubs. I'll do some googling.
8 Jul 2019, 06:34
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