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@stas I know it is a crazy amount of work, but it would also be awesome if slowly all decorations where moved to the new system. I guess for most, it is a matter of hidding the background to make it transparent and upload it. No problem if it takes multiple years
20 Feb 2020, 08:04
Edited 20 Feb 2020, 08:05
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Nope, i mean old decorations before i created my own template for minifigs
and before metal and bump maps appeared)
20 Feb 2020, 08:22
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Yes these old old ones will require even more work
20 Feb 2020, 08:24
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Just to draw from scratch
20 Feb 2020, 08:27
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@Stas, Yes! I have begun with the parts that has been converted by Scrubs, but I still have some to do...
My first decorations will need to be redrawn since i've modified my workflow a lot since then!

I'm now preparing all non-converted part decorations with the new transparent background and data file so I easily can just update them when Scrubs converts the part.
20 Feb 2020, 08:46
Edited 20 Feb 2020, 08:50
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I realise this thread is intended for admins, but if you want I would be happy to help "redraw" old decorations so they work with the new system.
20 Feb 2020, 10:22
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