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In order to provide the necessary information to the 3D engines, a certain number of textures are required:
1. Diffuse Map - It defines the colour and pattern of the object.
2. Materials Map - It defines the base materials (e.g. Solid ABS, rubber, etc.), the decorated areas and other information (e.g. colour of speckles)
3. Metalness Map - It defines the shinny areas. e.g. Chrome and metal paint, chrome stickers, etc.
4. Bump Map - It defines the surface finish for non uniform elements like slopes as well as the sticker shapes.

All the colour values stated in the following sections are decimal values from 0 to 255.

Diffuse Map
Always compulsory. This map shall only contain colour values from the Mecabricks colour chart. For transparent areas ensure that you set the opacity (alpha channel) as per the chart value. e.g. 70% opacity for Transparent red 41. The final PNG file submitted to Mecabricks shall also include the colour profile set to sRGB IEC61966–2.1.

You can find lots of useful information about how to design this type of texture in these threads:
- Resources
- Decorations
- Minifigure UV Maps & Decorations


Materials Map
This map is only required for dual moulded elements like some minifigure legs or when the decoration includes advanced materials like glitter, speckle, rubber, etc.

This is a non-colour image texture. Data contained in the RGB channels is:
- Red: Base materials - Do not include stickers or printed areas
- Green: Printed areas
- Blue: Additional information required by the base materials

1. Solid: 0
2. Speckle: 3
3. Transparent: 26
4. Glitter: 38
5. Chrome: 51
6. Pearlescent: 77
7. Metal: 102
8. Rubber: 128
9. Milky: 153

1. Non-printed areas: 0
2. Printed areas: 255

1. Milky: Opacity value - 255 * opacity [0,1] e.g. for Phosphorescent Green (294): 255 * 85 / 100 = 217
2. Transparent or Glitter: Diffuse factor. Only three of them have a value different from 0: Tr. Fluor. Red Orange, Tr. Fluor. Green and Tr. Bright Green shall be set to 26
3. Speckle: Speckles colour - 0 (metal), 128 (gold), 255 (copper)


Metalness Map
This map is only required if:
- The base materials include pearlescent, metal or chrome areas
- Printed areas include metal ink paint (334, 335, 336, 337, 344 and 345)
- Stickers include metal or chrome areas

This is a non-colour image texture and all three RGB channels shall be identical.
1. Chrome: 255 (#FFFFFF)
2. Pearlescent and Metal: 127 (#7F7F7F)
3. Everything else: 0 (#000000)


Bump Map
This map is required if the surface finish of some of the faces is rough or if stickers are applied.

This is a non-colour image texture and all three RGB channels shall be identical.
1. Standard finish: 0 (#000000)
2. Rough finish: Gradient from 0 to 250
3. Sticker shape: 255 (#FFFFFF)

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