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Hi, it's me again lol
so i decided to go ahead and make a trello so I could keep track of what decals/parts I'm working on (though for now I'm mainly doing decals it can be found here


Anybody is free to join it if they'd like, I'm merely using it as a tool to keep track of what I have/haven't done, but i feel it would be good for keeping track so people aren't all working on the same thing at once!
Obviously you don't have to join it, though I feel it could help a bit with organization when it comes to making things.

I also made an unofficial discord, since I saw somebody mention it before, just in the event somebody may need help with something, or wants to show off what they're doing at the time

23 Jun 2019, 01:39
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Good initiative, but we already have a thread for this here in the forum. https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/903

It's not used by so many though but I'll start to use it again.
23 Jun 2019, 19:17
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I mean I'm still gonna use mine, as forums are a mess in general to navigate, but feel free to if you'd like lol.
23 Jun 2019, 21:53
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Hi Duskitty - I really like the Trello board. I've been planning to make some decals and parts but the forums here aren't ideal for tracking progress. Might take me a little while to get started but I'll be sure update the board when I do.
29 Jun 2019, 13:37
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29 Jun 2019, 15:59
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This looks interesting, I’d never heard of trello before but I may use it, it seems useful. You should probably upload some of those decorations to the Dropbox. They may need modified slightly though, as some of how decorations files are made has been changed to work with the new parts system, although it hasn’t been made official yet.
2 Aug 2019, 08:48
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I've been using the Trello board as a way to indicate what decorations I'm working on. Some decoration drawings can take a while to complete so it's a really good idea to show what work is in progress otherwise multiple people might all end up working on the same decoration. Trello doesn't impact the rest of the workflow but I've now paused waiting for some clarity over the new decoration format.
2 Aug 2019, 09:34
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See the notes on my Nya head decoration on the dropbox for information about it. Everything there is straight from Scrubs, so you can be sure it’s what you need to use. Not very much has changed though, the basics are all still the same.
2 Aug 2019, 09:54
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There will be some differences for other types of maps as everything is mask based now. I will post the specification in the forum once it is 100% complete.
2 Aug 2019, 10:19
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