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Basically i´m a newbie in what comes about rendering, but i also like to make renderings in the render farm. A few weeks ago i discovered the volumetric lighting option wich Scrubs added to the render mode, and i was wondering how i can use it, because in some tests i´ve made i just can see everything in a grey color. Perhaps i´m using the wrong parameters.
Could someone give me a example of how to use this function?
Thanks in advance
18 Jun 2019, 23:28
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You need to adjust the density parameter to get it right. This value depends on the size of the box and is generally very small.
Having a value of 0.0001 wouldn't be weird if your box is big.

I also recommend to wrap your whole scene inside the box as well as the camera.
19 Jun 2019, 00:24
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Thank you for the explanation i´ll try it soon.
20 Jun 2019, 04:44
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When I use volumetric lighting in my renders I end up with a weird pixellated effect around the lamp which is an area lamp. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.
12 Jul 2019, 05:59
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Please add screenshots. It will be much easier to help you.
12 Jul 2019, 06:00
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I think the problem might be because the lamp is at the same level as the floor, and nothing to do with volumetric lighting, but I can't test this because I hit the free render limit for the day. Gosh, I've been doing a lot of rendering.
12 Jul 2019, 06:09
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