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I think we need to have Star Wars helmets for every trooper because its pretty annoying to see prequel helmets when nobody uses them or even likes them and many have to use the first order helmets to make normal stormtroopers.

It even more annoying that they have the legs and body for them but you can't put their helmets on.

Helmets we need:
- Original and the New Stromtrooper + ( Shadow, Shock, Patrol, Sand, Mimban )
- Death Trooper
- Tie Pilot + ( Striker, Inferno, AT-AT )
- Scariff Trooper + ( Tank )
- Rebel Hemets
- Alderan (normal ones)
- Endor
- Scariff
- Tattonie ( one from the battle pack for battlefront ) ( same as a wing helmet mold )
- A wing pilot

Would also like to see stormtrooper and clone pauldrons
12 May 2019, 22:25
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Please only use this thread to request new parts or decorations: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/50
13 May 2019, 09:35
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