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Hi in this topic i would like to share with you my experience browsing in the web in the search of the ultimate Lego CAD and how i discovered this awesome site. In the same way i want to encourage you to share your own stories.
1 May 2019, 21:03
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Looking forward to reading some stories.
2 May 2019, 06:56
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When I discovered Mecabricks I had already been experimenting with different Lego 3D software for a few years, but nothing really worked for me. I wanted something which had lots of minifigures, and something which I could easily create my own decorated parts for. I also desperately needed something which wouldn't take up too much space on my computer, as it doesn't have much storage. I came across Mecabricks when I was reading a set review on brickset, and noticed that it had a 3D view, from Mecabricks. I tried out the workshop, and it seemed to have everything I wanted, and it was all online, so it wouldn't take up space on my laptop. I was also learning Blender and Inkscape, which are easily compatible with the software, and it seemed to good to be true. What's the catch, I thought. I still haven't found one.
3 May 2019, 23:27
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Well i think now it's my turn, right now i'm 16, 2 years ago at late 2017's january i wasn't going to school so obviously i spend a lot of time in my house. By that time i came out from my Dark Age and was begining to play with lego before nearly 2 years in wich i haven't played with my brother too much(our lego was of His property at that time). I rediscovered the pleasure of build things with your own imagination and i remembered that me and my brother used to make stop motion films with the few sets we had.
But then i realized that our lego collection was a bit small and i wanted to go beyond with my building and animation projects, so i started searching alternatives to physical lego. First i looked up in the Lego Movie and i was amazed of the insane amount of details it has, i saw some bts videos and concluded that it was necessary to use 3d software. I didn't know the hard that those programs could be and said: oh i can 3d model by myself all the pieces i'll need, because most webs that had lego models were paid. However my PC had died in december and the only computer i could use was my father's one, which he only brought in the afternoon and plus it was property of the office he work in, so i just had One option, continue searching.
I often typed in Google "lego render" or "lego rendering" and used to found mostly the POVray ones as well as others made with professional paid software like Maya or 3dsMax.These situations discourage me and was about to give up when i found one post in the eurobricks forums by Renderbricks in wich he shows the outstanding results he had made with Modo, i follow his posts in eurobricks and discovered the thread where the Mecabricks renders were being posted, later i discovered that it was a webapp and didn't need extensions, i was very happy, Mecabricks looked like the thing i was searching for. So One day i began to use it , i opened the workshop and added the legs of Emmet then i clicked to use his Upper part and saw how it appeared overlaping with the legs , i spend like 20 days until i got enough knowledge about 3d axis to use Mecabricks workshop properly. When i saw there wasn't an easy way to get the renders i wanted(because the hardware i had) i started searching for online renderers like clara io, not that succesfull since i can't use most 3d software yet,apart from Mecabricks of course.
I did a few experimental renders and published a model i was expecting to build for a long time "the emmet's appartment"
This Is the story of how i got to this place.
Now i would like to thank Scrubs for building this awesome community, i have learned a lot here, for example in my early days i used to use the Google translate to check if my posts in the forum were well written, now i improved my english a lot and i hope one day i would speak english as i do with spanish.
Of course i don't forget about the progressive improvements that Scrubs has been adding to the site, when te render farm opened it looked like all my dreams became reality, and now there Is an animation feature on the way! God that is much more of what i was expecting when i got here. So all i can say Is thank you to all the members, especially the BIG ones (Scrubs, Renderbricks,Zanna,Wange,Sim,Saabfan) and the contemporary ones (ArmoredBricks, Samino,etc) You have really changed my life
Hope this continues growing
4 May 2019, 04:38
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Hello! smiling face with open mouth You probably all know me at this point. I've always been into digital Lego Building. I used to use LDD, and when I was younger, it was pretty fun. The program is very intuitive for young builders, and easy to use. Getting older though, and starting to use more complex techniques, I realized that it was also limiting. Then it started to have fewer and fewer part updates, and never had the decorations you wanted.

When the Lego IDEAS Moments in Space contest came around, I got an IDEAS account and started building entries. I knew that LDD screenshot entries got hardly any views and (I don't think anyway) have never won a contest, because they are not aesthetically pleasing. I saw Stud.io and gave it a shot. I realized that, though it's rendering was okay, it's building was almost impossible. All the parts were on one long list at the time. I eventually saw Buggyirk's entry for the contest, the TERRA-FB1 spaceship, and at first thought it was a photograph because of the realism (btw, Stud.io says it's photorealistic. They shouldn't lie to the public like that) He told me he used MECABRICKS, and I decided to give it a shot. For the first couple weeks it was difficult to use, being very different from LDD. But in about three weeks, I was hooked. I knew I'd never switch back to LDD or Studio again! The online rendering feature was absolutely awesome, and the things you guys all do with Blender was awe inspiring. Eventually I started to use Blender as well, and it's only gotten better and better!

I can't wait to improve my skills both in building and rendering with the help of this awesome tool. As Blender4Bricks said, thanks to all of you who have been so encouraging and helpful, even when us newer users were no doubt annoying and pestering you with requests! It's been amazing to see how MB has evolved in just the past year, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!

4 May 2019, 15:18
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I really like building with legos, and I sometimes would look at other people's creations online. I saw one from mecabricks, and I signed up!

That was a really long sentence, sorry.

11 Sep 2019, 00:53
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I found Mecabricks on https://experiments.withgoogle.com/mecabricks 7 years ago. I didn't sign up immediately, but after a few days I did.
11 Sep 2019, 07:37
Edited 11 Sep 2019, 07:38
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Gosh, that was early, Mecabricks wouldn’t have been around for long then.
11 Sep 2019, 07:43
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30 Oct 2019, 23:11
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