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I have a couple of mini figures that I want to enlarge to make them look like giants compared to the other mini figures around them. Is there any way to increase the scale / enlarge a single brick or series of bricks / mini figures? I don’t see any option in Mecabricks online 3d software or any of the other common ones like stud.io or draw etc. I imagine this is because you can’t buy “enlarged” pieces and that enlarging them would not allow them to snap together. But this is for a purely render / picture project so not as worried about accuracies of whether or not these pieces are available as much as just trying to create a giant effect from a standard mini figure. Are there any ways to do this? If not an option with any standard LEGO 3d software then what options would exist using external tools such as exporting from one format and import to another tool and enlarging like other 3d software. Thoughts and recommendations?
27 Apr 2019, 11:36
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This is not possible in Mecabricks. You can always increase the scale in Blender of these parts to make the minifig look bigger.
29 Apr 2019, 04:31
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Thank you Sim, I'll experiment with Blender then. Your reply is much appreciated
29 Apr 2019, 10:28
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