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I have an iPad Air 2 and it works fine.
Some large models could crash sometimes but I can easily work on my iPad with models of 1000-1500 parts
15 Jan 2019, 20:22
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Hi Scrubs

Since the last update, I have troubles on my iPad: when I tried to add a baseplate or import a model including a base plate i have a crash of my browser (reload of actual page)
Have you heard about this bug ?

Thank you
15 May 2020, 18:46
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The mecabricks window still closes when I add a 32x32 basepalte, then reloads. no matter what browser I am using. Is there a fix for this?
8 Sep 2020, 23:25
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Sometimes the 3D viewer keeps extending vertically on the model page.
16 Sep 2020, 07:58
Edited 16 Sep 2020, 07:58
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