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whats the best size for a minifigure torso part custom image?
11 Mar 2021, 17:57
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For the torso part #3814 UV map, the optimal size is 1024x1024px.

The image size should match the UV map that you use. For the torso, there is only one UV map. To find the size of the image you should make, you can check the size in the UV Layout section on the right sidebar under the TEXTURES window. I highlighted it here in blue for you.

11 Mar 2021, 20:36
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Can you make something for Black Flash, I don't Know any prints for him if you don't know what he looks like here:
18 Mar 2021, 05:18
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Thanks Scrubs, for all the forums you make about making decorations. You really helped me out.
22 Apr 2021, 13:44
Edited 22 Apr 2021, 13:47
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@XillComics that minifig is unofficial. In other words 'fake'. Released by another company.
22 Apr 2021, 13:46
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Hello, I want to add custom printing to one of the basebal cap pieces. Even though the piece has had printing on it before, you aren't able to add your own. Also, piece 11303 shows a 2 in the upper lefthand corner, which should mean that you can add printing right? But it still doesn't allow you to. Can anyone help me with this?
5 Aug 2021, 00:26
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@Apple_Juice this happens because the baseball cap piece has hot yet been updated to the new part system. You can request it to be remade. Part 11303 has 3D View available but can not be decorated because it has no UV Map.
5 Aug 2021, 10:55
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How can I make a request for it?
5 Aug 2021, 18:11
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6 Aug 2021, 08:58
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I have a question. I made a Pre Vizla helmet. And submitted it. It was rejected. Could you explain why?
24 Aug 2021, 02:46
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