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Hello my dear AFOLs,

I found Mecabricks today and immediately killed half of my working time inside this great tool winking face
Fantastic work @Scrubs!

I saved a first model, made it public and was wondering why its not allowed to use the images rendered by Mecabricks. I found no explanation. Can anyone explain? If its not allowed what else can I do to generate renderings? Thanks.

25 Jan 2019, 17:18
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Happy that you lost some productivity today. Goal achieved face with stuck-out tongue
This was here to prevent people from posting screenshots of the Mecabricks "viewport" which was pointless as you can see the 3D model either in the player or the workshop. This statement actually doesn't apply to rendered images made with the Mecabricks render mode which only came recently. I guess it could be made clearer now.
Nowadays probably more than 80% of the images posted here come either from the in app render mode or the Add-ons for Blender.
25 Jan 2019, 19:58
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Understood, thank you.
26 Jan 2019, 08:13
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