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24855 itself has no connection points, so it can't be snapped to anything and other parts can't be snapped to it.
If you spawn 24855 when no connection point is selected, the part will appear, but it won't be selected (not highlighted in dark red) and you won't be able to move it as a result.
If a connection point is selected when you spawn 24855, it will still appear at the zero point and will not look selected (no highlight). However, there will be a movement gizmo at the selected connection point, but the gizmo won't be attached to 24855 - you can move the piece, but as soon as you release the gizmo, it resets to the connection point selected when 24855 is spawned.
24 Jan 2019, 09:10
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Thank you for noticing. This is linked to this thread.
Points are linked to mesh names. 24855 was incorrectly name 24885. When I corrected the mesh name, the link with the points has been lost.
This is now all fixed.
24 Jan 2019, 09:44
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Great! I saw that topic, but didn't realize the issue was caused by the wrong name, too, so decided to create a separate topic. Thanks for an awesome service, and for making it better still!
24 Jan 2019, 11:47
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