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Sometimes when i build my mocs I want to make large changes, but i want to be able to go back to the previous model before the changes were made later. One way to do this is simply save a copy of the model and change the name of it. Another way is to use the revisions, problem is it can be hard to remember what revision was before changes, specially if you save a lot of revisions!

Another programs I'm using at work have the same revision function as Mecabricks. But every time you save a revision in that program you get a popup where you are able to write a small note about the changes you've made to that revision. I think that function could be useful also for mecabricks. It would probably be anoying for some users to always get the popup every time you want save but if you don't want to make a note just click ok to save.

And then when you select a revision in the link tab in your library you could somehow see the text you wrote when you made the save and you know what the revision contains.

I also think this would make more users aware of the revision function. I don't think that many users know that it exists or know how to use it? I may be wrong but that's just a feeling i have...
8 Jan 2019, 19:58
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