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I m new here.
I ve got a question : i wanted to import a LDD model but it doesn't work. It is blocked at 100%.
Thank you ! and happy new year !
7 Jan 2019, 23:31
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Can you read an error message in your browser console?
Make sure that the file is for the latest version of LDD.
Is this file publicly available so that we can troubleshoot?
7 Jan 2019, 23:59
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Thank you for your help.
No, there is no error message on my browser. I 've tried with another LDD file : it is working.
The file is not publicy available but i can send it to you if you want.
Maybe, the file is too "heavy" (the modele is around 2200 bricks) ?

Have a good day
8 Jan 2019, 08:46
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The LDD importer can import such an amount of bricks.

You can send it by email to Scrubs. You can find the email address by clicking "Contact Us" in the footer. winking face
8 Jan 2019, 19:02
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Thank you.
It is done.
8 Jan 2019, 21:32
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It is fixed now. Issue was with LDD parts that are made of one mesh but designed as multiple in Mecabricks. e.g. Tassel
8 Jan 2019, 23:13
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Ok. I'd never be able to find the solution
9 Jan 2019, 06:45
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