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6.5/14 by April! Not bad...
15 Apr 2019, 01:46
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Without counting everything else that wasn't in the list.
15 Apr 2019, 03:31
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I’m really looking forward to custom decorations and 3D objects, and the workshop has come so far since I first joined near the start of this year.
2 Aug 2019, 09:10
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I think we should look back to see what Scrubs did in 2019. It looks like a lot of it has been done.
19 Jan 2020, 09:55
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27 Jan 2020, 01:24
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Didn't want to make a new topic for a quick question:
What is the new "Other Compatible Products" section in the workshop parts lists? It has a sub-folder named "Flexo."
Is this just another test like the "Temp" category?
4 Feb 2020, 03:24
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4 Feb 2020, 05:30
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A flexo 2x2 square is in the workshop now. I wonder if this opens up the door for parts like Clone Army Customs pieces?
4 Feb 2020, 05:49
Edited 4 Feb 2020, 05:49
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Open a new thread in the forum if you are interested to know more. That is in development and I will let you know more later when it is all set up.
4 Feb 2020, 05:53
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