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That is the goal face with stuck-out tongue
14 Dec 2018, 04:46
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I can start ticking items from the roadmap yeah party popper That will be it for 2018.
Here is a short video to show the new customization options for the viewport:

To test it: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/workshop/r6/
14 Dec 2018, 06:10
Edited 14 Dec 2018, 06:24
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Is it possible to X-ray your model but certain groups not? So for example: X-ray the Bugatti, but leave the engine and gearbox just normal?
14 Dec 2018, 09:05
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No, you cannot have different types of rendering for different groups. It is technically not feasible the way I designed the system. Performance would drop. Maybe in the future.
14 Dec 2018, 09:11
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That thing looks rad ! Congratulations, and a huge thank you Scrubs for your awesome work. Would it be possible to render models with MatCap lighting ?

Also, I noticed two missing things : when I expand a group, I can't see the subgroups that are included in it, and I can't use the numpad shortcuts to change the position of the camera.
14 Dec 2018, 09:21
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@Jeff any errors recorded in your browser console?
14 Dec 2018, 10:30
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Oh, the numpad shortcuts now work.

No errors, but some warnings. Most of them look like this :

THREE.WebGLProgram: gl.getProgramInfoLog() C:fakepath(***,23-154): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle negative values if you expect them

But there's a number instead of ***.

Also, when I try to groups groups in one group (groupception haha smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes ), the + icon moves on the right, but the grouped groups don't go below the newly created group in the tree. So I get this :


While I get this with the previous version :

14 Dec 2018, 17:57
Edited 14 Dec 2018, 17:59
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Thank you for the bug notification. It is fixed now.
I think I will have to update the group panel properly at some stage. It is still pretty buggy, especially with the undo/redo function.
14 Dec 2018, 22:00
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*Watches Video* WOOAAHH!!!

So excited for this! Will there be a way to revert to default viewport settings, or will that happen each time you reload the page?
15 Dec 2018, 01:06
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The save button on the right side saves the settings for both wireframe and shaded modes at the same time. If you are logged in, it will be loaded when you open the workshop. You also have a button to reset to default settings. It only resets the selected mode. You can try right now if you follow the link above.
15 Dec 2018, 02:10
Edited 15 Dec 2018, 02:11
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Yep, the groups work fine now.

But I noticed another error in the rendering menu : the tool to pick a part on which the camera will be focused when the DoP option is ticked doesn't work, and I see this on the console :

Uncaught TypeError: GBLViewport[b(...)][b(...)] is not a function
at PanelCamera.move_picker (workshop.r6alpha.obf.js:1)
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (workshop.r6alpha.obf.js:1)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js:2)
at HTMLDivElement.y.handle (jquery.min.js:2)
16 Dec 2018, 17:46
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@Jeff Thank you for reporting it. Fixed now.
16 Dec 2018, 18:51
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Hello! There was a problem after the update. I can't log in to the workshop when I'm in my account. I can only log in to the workshop when I log out of my account. With what it can be connected?
16 Dec 2018, 19:31
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I activated the option to display or hide the LEGO logo on studs. This requires a lot of calculations so use carefully with that in mind.
17 Dec 2018, 10:16
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Love all the new settings! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes In a year or so, you should do a poll to see how many users use the original workshop settings (studio) in comparison to how many use HDRIs.
18 Dec 2018, 05:44
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@Scrubs The workshop updates are really great! Thank you for sharing and all the time you've put into mecabricks! This has replaced video games in some of my spare time, which is good - much more creative
20 Dec 2018, 04:01
Edited 21 Dec 2018, 04:15
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Wow Scrubs, the Workshop updates are absolutely spectacular! Absolutely love them, things look so pretty now. smiling face with heart-shaped eyes face with stuck-out tongue
20 Dec 2018, 21:09
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A CAD program in the browser without resorting to Java is amazing. I can see it uses ajax/jquery and SVG, but there must be some kind of higher level framework you're using to group it all together?
5 Jan 2019, 21:51
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Mecabricks uses threejs for WebGL but otherwise everything else is custom made.
5 Jan 2019, 22:38
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Wow, this is awesome. Looking forward to seeing those simulations! winking face
21 Jan 2019, 02:06
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