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it a lego tab that you se a 1x4 the four tabs to click on to like any lego

you take that and make a cylinder with a center inward groove for finger nail

you can put them on the bottom of a lego flat and flip studs

then you make some for brick 1x4 1x1 1x8.... length

so brick and flat
19 Aug 2018, 09:59
Edited 19 Aug 2018, 10:01
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Could you explain this a little clearer?
20 Aug 2018, 23:15
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the stud part

you make just the stud part

and you put it twice the height

if you put the stud part in a flat it sit in it but doez not stick out

so you make the stud twice the height

then you can take a 2x8 flat and

8 of thoze studs put them in the bottom and if you look at the lego side way

there are studz on the bottom and top


for brickz you make the stud longer
8 Sep 2018, 17:47
Edited 8 Sep 2018, 17:48
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