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Now that I have a couple models under my belt, and more than a few bricks that need to be created, I thought I would set the preliminary part tracking talks in motion.

First of all, when a part file is created, it should be uploaded somewhere for you, or a few of the folks that stepped up(Me and BrickFinder), to check for compatibility and such. What file host should we recommend? I suggest MEGA, its free and easy.

Secondly, there needs to be a published process, which I can type up, that outlines requesting a missing part and submitting a user made part. Here are my thoughts:

There will be two Google documents, the first, for Parts Request, will be a link anyone can go to. It will be a form with several check boxes and a few blocks to fill in. Pretty Simple. That form, when submitted, will populate the main form which anyone can view but only a few can edit. It will gather all of the information from the Parts Requests into one sheet. Those that can edit it will be able to check what needs to be modeled, complete them, mark them as completed, and mark them ready to be added to the library. Those that can't edit it, will just be able to view what needs/has been completed, complete/submit what they choose. There may be a few details I'm missing, but that will come to me as I create the forms.

When someone submits a completed part, they would do so in a standardized format under the parts request forum post. The link would be checked, and the link could then be "OK'ed" and added to the Parts Tracker for you to add to the library.

I suggest that the ones that can edit the form be able to moderate that particular forum thread to ensure it stays clean. Once someone makes a post submitting a part and its added to the tracker awaiting you to add it to the library, the post can be removed. Let me know how this sounds. If its good, I'll create the documents and the forum post so folks can get to making/submitting missing bricks.

28 Jul 2014, 19:01
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I briefly read your suggestion for part tracking and it sounds good. I give you a wild card to start this

Unfortunately for the next few weeks, I won't be able to be as much involved as I would like, but as soon as I'm back from holidays, I will update the forum and code stuff needed to make it work.

30 Jul 2014, 21:19
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I think the biggest asset would be a quick and dirty Blender help post, with a few downloadable examples.
31 Jul 2014, 05:28
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what about using some software versioning software to manage the part library? we could upload everything to github, and have all the contributor post new/update parts there. It would maintain history of each file so it would be perfet to keep track of everything. Non trusted contributor could use pull requests or some similar tool to suggest improvements that the admins can evaluate and accept.
20 Nov 2014, 13:52
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Yes, it is another options I didn't consider yet. Part library is a tricky one and I feel the need to handle it differently with the growing number of parts / decorations. However, so far I don't really want the library to be released publicly as it would be the case with Github.
It will probably be an in-house system.
20 Nov 2014, 19:23
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I think that the system I use to get newly modeled parts to Scrubs works quite well, just sharing the part on Google drive. If multiple people modeled parts and sent him multiple emails and drive links, it might get overwhelming. If that happens, I stand by the Google doc idea to request parts, upload parts/graphics, and get notified when they are added to the library.
21 Nov 2014, 15:37
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