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I'm slowly adding new parts to the site, but I don't have the time to build all of the sets these parts come in. That's where I need your help! I am keeping a list of sets that have decorated parts in the library but haven't been made in mecabricks yet. If you are able to help me, please add a comment with the set you would like to make and I'll update this list to reflect that. Make sure you follow this post in regards to making official sets in mecabricks. Once a model is completed, it will be removed from this list. If you notice that I missed a decorated part, move on without the part for now, then please let me know so I can fix that!

Set List


Thank you for reading this post! Hopefully you will be able to help me!
18 Aug 2018, 04:17
Edited 4 Nov 2018, 00:27
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Building 41313
18 Aug 2018, 17:33
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I’ll start working on set 40170.
3 Nov 2018, 02:22
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Great! I'll try to spare some time next week to get more parts added so I can add more sets to the list
3 Nov 2018, 03:03
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It's finished!
3 Nov 2018, 14:21
Edited 4 Nov 2018, 03:51
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