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Hi Scrubs,

Really appreciate the service you provide, looking forward to yet more cool new features!

Now, the issue that I came across is that a render has been stuck for almost 32 hours now for some reason, just a black screen and the timer ticking.

It is a small model (<200 parts), the resolution for the render is 960x540, no extra features are used. Not sure what the reason could be, would be glad to share any information that might help (screenshots, values of the settings, etc.)
25 Jun 2018, 16:28
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Probably the renderfarm has crashed and to solve it usually @Scrubs have to reboot it, not sure if he can do it now as i think he's not home?
25 Jun 2018, 17:38
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Thanks for a quick reply @Sealund, that's what I assumed too. It looked like rendering was working for others, though, so I thought maybe there was something wrong on my side. Well, it's not always about me, apparently smiling face with open mouth Let's wait for @Scrubs then.
25 Jun 2018, 18:17
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Coming across a similar problem. Render Request overflow?
29 Jun 2018, 20:38
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As @Sealund suggested, the server seems to have crashed. Please see https://mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/871/1, @Scrubs mentioned that this should hopefully be fixed next week.
29 Jun 2018, 22:41
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Thanks @Scrubs! Saw your tweet, after the restart everything works fine.
3 Jul 2018, 10:03
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