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@mneilson1707, Yes! If you click on the gear in the group panel for the specific group and at the bottom of the menu choose "Show all" you will show everything in that specific group.

16 Feb 2018, 17:24
Edited 16 Feb 2018, 17:29
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oh ok. thank you. much appreciated
16 Feb 2018, 18:07
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I haven't been able to find a way to mirror a group of parts. Anyone know a way to mirror?
17 Mar 2018, 19:08
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This function doesn't exist.
17 Mar 2018, 19:11
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oh, ok thanks. Is there any plan of incorporating it at a later date?
17 Mar 2018, 19:44
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Not right now. This is not as easy as it sounds to make a clean symmetry tool: User interface to select the plane of symmetry, metadata for parts in order to find the symmetrical elements - e.g 24307 -> 24299 - plus everything that happens in the background to handle all of this.
17 Mar 2018, 20:29
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oh, wow ok. Well if there's anything I can do to help please let me know! Even if its just donation or whatever...
17 Mar 2018, 20:42
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On some of the things that people make, on the top right of the square there is a lego sign. What does that mean and how do you get it?
18 Mar 2018, 00:11
Edited 18 Mar 2018, 00:12
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These are the models selected to be on the front page and in the special model library.
18 Mar 2018, 01:26
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22 Mar 2018, 14:06
Edited 22 Mar 2018, 14:06
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Well, you should maybe post what kind of help you need.
22 Mar 2018, 14:10
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try this:
it has all kinds of keyboard shortcuts that really helped me out
22 Mar 2018, 14:46
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Is there a shortcut key for cycling snap points?
At the moment, my biggest gripe is that I have an object selected, like a minifig arm. I want to click the snap at the shoulder and NOT the Torso, but it selects the torso. After several retries, I can get the snap but it is tedious and should be easier.
Is there a faster way to get to the snaps for the selected piece and not click off of it and onto a nearby piece?
9 Apr 2018, 23:35
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@Scrubs might want to add L: lighting to the shortcut list now
31 May 2018, 23:12
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Hi how to save the model that i just created ?? I clicked back and my model got deleted
16 Jun 2018, 07:00
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Use the "recover autosave" option. It's under "File" in the workshop. If greyed out, then there's no autosave.
16 Jun 2018, 08:15
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How can I undo?
18 Aug 2018, 09:21
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Use the undo button In the top tool bar or press Ctrl+Z
18 Aug 2018, 10:24
Edited 18 Aug 2018, 22:18
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Can I delete the progects that I saved?
18 Aug 2018, 12:49
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Go to this page https://www.mecabricks.com/en/account/library
Put the file in the bin and empty the bin.
18 Aug 2018, 22:19
Edited 18 Aug 2018, 22:19
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