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Hello, is there a way to zoom to selection like with "." on Blender please ?

Thanks in advance.
2 Oct 2019, 21:32
Edited 2 Oct 2019, 21:32
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@Sobschack That is exactly the same key on your numpad
3 Oct 2019, 01:55
Edited 3 Oct 2019, 01:55
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Ok, that's what I has understand.... so I got a problem with this shortcut. I use Chrome on Fedora 30, maybe an issue ? I am going to try with Firefox
It just make... anything.
3 Oct 2019, 07:16
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Same with Firefox.

But, it's work fine in the menu.

Bye the way, thank for this crazy application ! Some likeness with Blender 2.8.Coming from Blender, I have take it in hand quickly, very cool.
3 Oct 2019, 07:18
Edited 3 Oct 2019, 07:30
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@Sobschack, I have to same issue on one of my computers, I'm using Firefox in a Linux Mint OS and the period numpad key doesn't work for me either. Works fine on my work computer with same Firefox version on Win10...
3 Oct 2019, 08:04
Edited 3 Oct 2019, 08:05
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Maybe this key is mapped differently depending on keyboard/system? Not too sure.
3 Oct 2019, 08:29
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Hi everyone. Is there a way to change where I zoom in to? I keep zooming to the center of my model and it's not very helpful. Thanks.
7 Oct 2019, 13:18
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Select an element, then hit [NUM .].
7 Oct 2019, 17:01
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Hello to all. If I have a lxf files how can I render it?
12 Oct 2019, 15:28
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Please add a noise to confirm the piece has been placed onto another. also, make it so that said pieces can only snap onto studs, I don't want to see half a stud under a piece. unless the peg is going into a hole on the piece, like the 1x2 tiles with a single stud on top.
15 Oct 2019, 07:40
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@uwuowo please use this section of the forum for suggestions https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/category/4
15 Oct 2019, 07:55
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INPORTANT! if your color palete does not appear, mess around with your zoom, my computer only has color palete at 90% zoom
28 Oct 2019, 09:43
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For the UI to appear properly, it shall be set to 100%.
28 Oct 2019, 10:29
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for mine it needs to be 90% or less
or else it does not appear
28 Oct 2019, 20:13
Edited 28 Oct 2019, 20:19
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That is definitely not normal. For everybody else that I know of it is 100%. What hardware/system/browser do you use?
28 Oct 2019, 21:57
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I have lost my model. I think I zoomed out too far. Is there a shortcut to centering it or something? Thanks.

Nevermind, found it.
18 Nov 2019, 22:48
Edited 18 Nov 2019, 22:50
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lenovo chromebook. i am using google chrome.
20 Nov 2019, 11:41
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Is there a way to click/drag and make a selection? (selection box)
Also is there any easier way to rotate and connect hinges?
24 Nov 2019, 19:33
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@IcedFish, press B key and click/drag to make a box selection. You can find other ways to make selections if you press W.

About rotation, try to change the transformation grids by pressing Q (small, medium, large) or you can also change and turn it off/on by using the droplist menu or click the little checkbox to the left of the droplist. Setting the grid to small usually helps.
24 Nov 2019, 19:59
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I am sorry to bother you but is there a way to copy a creation from one of your builds to another.
26 Nov 2019, 14:13
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