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How do I select individual bricks for a group instead of an area of bricks? I saw you did it in one of your YouTube videos, and I'm not sure what did I miss. Is there a way to select bricks like such or I still have to use the area selection?
6 Mar 2019, 12:43
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See my post(s) above. winking face
You can [...] select several parts by selecting one and then holding [Ctrl] + clicking on another [...].
After that, press [J] to group these parts or click the gear symbol → Add on an existent group. If you feel fancy, you can actually box select AND select individual parts one after another without canceling the selection.
6 Mar 2019, 18:57
Edited 6 Mar 2019, 18:58
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How do I see the console to check on missing bricks?
7 Mar 2019, 02:46
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F12 for chrome.
7 Mar 2019, 07:21
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Are there any other way to enhance flexibility for the other flexible parts rather than electric cables?

(As in, there are less curve optimization in a cable or tube than in a power function cable piece)

If there are any, can you show me how it's done. Thank you
8 Mar 2019, 15:11
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I added the shortcuts for the new flexible part tool.
More information here: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/1303
25 Mar 2019, 23:51
Edited 25 Mar 2019, 23:54
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Is there a way to create folders/subfolders for grouped selections? If not, It'd be pretty helpful -- some of my projects need a little more organization on that front.
2 Apr 2019, 22:40
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Yes of course.
2 Apr 2019, 22:49
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copy and paste should be added so you could make a segment and them copy and paste it to make it longer. thank you.
3 Apr 2019, 17:51
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If I understood you correctly, you're looking for [D]. It will duplicate any selection (if groups are selected, they will be duplicated too) which you can move around after it.
3 Apr 2019, 18:13
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