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Don't trash the forum while this section is still empty face with stuck-out tongue
12 Jul 2014, 12:45
Edited 8 Jun 2015, 04:07
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There is currently a bug when you use the keyboard to apply a transformation to a part/group.

The correct procedure is as following:
- Press the key "R" for rotation or "T" for translation.
- Press the key "X", "Y", or "Z" key to select the transformation axis.
- Enter the transformation value - you can use the minus key "-" to toggle between negative and positive values ("BAK" key to initialise the value).
- Press "ENTER" to validate

Press the "ESC" key anytime to cancel the transformation.

The bug occurs if you don't press the "ENTER" key to validate and use the mouse to perform other actions. The part/group is not synchronised anymore and can end up in random position.

[update] I tried to replicate this bug, but didn't manage to... I might have changed something in the code recently that fixes it. I'll keep an eye on it anyway.
12 Jul 2014, 13:08
Edited 13 Jul 2014, 12:10
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I just put online this forum which is a custom version I coded the last couple of days. I was in a hurry to put it online as I thought that it would be a great tool to communicate with you guys in order to make mecabricks better. However there is still a bit of work to add a few nice features. The one I have in mind currently are:

- Automatic replacement of smilies code with little icons
- Possibility to embed mecabricks viewer inside the posts
- Possibility to embed images (flickr, ...) or videos (youtube, ...)
- A bit of BBCode to format the posts

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have other ideas.
12 Jul 2014, 13:15
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Wazzzup this is the First Post!
13 Jul 2014, 09:09
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I think I remember seeing a couple of models from you smiling face with open mouth
I found this one http://www.mecabricks.com/en/library/622/2-space-avengers
13 Jul 2014, 10:21
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I noticed that the new workshop cannot open some of the biggest models like the Taj Mahal. It crashes half way through with the following error:
Maximum call stack size exceeded

I didn't investigate this error yet, but it is something I definitely need to solve before 100% switching to this new version.
13 Jul 2014, 11:19
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If the part that you just added to the scene or snapped is not in the desired orientation, you can use the arrow keys ← and → to quickly rotate it along the Y axis (in the selected space: local or global) with 45° steps. Of course, it also works with groups.

I found this shortcut pretty useful as it goes quicker than switching to the rotation gizmo and pulling the Y handle.
13 Jul 2014, 12:06
Edited 18 Sep 2014, 21:02
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Problem solved! I recoded the import class to avoid having this call stack error. So I'll probably dectivate the current workshop sometime this week to actually only keep the current beta version that will be therefore the production version.

Taj Mahal: http://www.mecabricks.com/en/workshop/beta/212
14 Jul 2014, 13:12
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Hi everybody,

From Saturday 19th July, I'll be away on holidays and therefore I won't really update the website even if I will still keep track of what is happening here.
I will leave New Zealand for 6 weeks to go back to my home country - France - where I will get married with my kiwi partner smiling face with open mouth

Enjoy summer - or for the ones down under, enjoy winter...
17 Jul 2014, 06:59
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Hi Scrubs,

My name is Damean. It seems like you have a really awesome thing going on here, I see its potential. I am currently wrapping up an Engineering degree and have experience creating 3D models in programs like AutoCAD and Inventor. I would really enjoy being a part of what you're doing here.

As I was going through some of my 80's and 90's kits trying to build them on mecabricks, I noticed that many were missing. As I said, I would love to be a part of what you are doing in any way I can. I could model parts, create old sets. I have even been working on reverse engineering the ships from the game FTL, which was a kickstarted a while ago but didn't get published.

Let me know if I can send you my resume. I would enjoy helping your project grow.

26 Jul 2014, 02:14
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This ist just amazing! I really like the workshop.
I started building today and I hope I can finish one set later (there is an issue with some missing parts, of course).

One idea I have is the integration of a "photo mode". I know there is the possibility to take a screenshot, but I miss some settings for it.
You could add lightning and camera/lense adjustments. I think it would be possible to render really great images.
There is the potential that people would share these images and you could gain more attention for this project through virality.

My second idea is to add the shortcuts in the title-tag (like [Screenshot (c)] )- this is just a small idea smiling face with open mouth

Is there any possibilty to build missing parts or to report them? That would be great.

Good work!
26 Jul 2014, 17:49
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Thank you for your suggestions.

You are right for the shortcuts. I really need to put them somewhere easily accessible. I myself pretty much only use them instead of clicking the buttons. It's so much faster!

Regarding a photo mode, a few months ago, I made some experiments with a ray tracing renderer as I also liked this idea. However I didn't think that it was good enough to be implemented yet. See https://twitter.com/Mecabricks/status/462832246001385472
I keep that in the to do list anyway and I might try something else too.

For missing parts, there was originally a form in the previous version of the workshop (v2.0) which I replaced by the new v3.0 a few weeks ago. However, I didn't reactivate this form as I didn't manage to keep track of everything that was asked for. It wasn't easy to handle on my side. I guess an idea would be to open a dedicated topic in the forum for now.

However, if you know about 3D modeling, you are more than welcome to model the parts you would like to get. I currently model the parts in Blender and then export them to a json format that Three.js (the WebGL framework used by mecabricks) can read. I will try to post a short tutorial with the few rules I follow when modeling parts.

Hope it helps.

P.S: I'm overseas in holidays until the end of august so I won't probably have the time to update the workshop too much but I'll definitely try to answer in the forum or add parts to the library if I'm provided with the 3D files.
27 Jul 2014, 09:23
Edited 27 Jul 2014, 09:28
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I'm not sure if you saw my post in the Community forum, but I would really enjoy helping out. I have done 3D modeling and some coding. I understand its a huge task to keep up with everything and would really like to help. The 4 kits that I've started, 2 published, have missing parts. I'm comfortable modeling them, so long as you have quality guidelines to follow so everyone's parts aren't messed up.
27 Jul 2014, 20:06
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Thanks for your reply.
I also use the shortcuts but I had to "trial and error" to discover them.

For the problem with the missing parts, I think it would be a good idea to collect them (in the forum, a checklist or something like that). So everybody could see and add missing parts. Then the community would have the oportunity to create them. Maybe there are a couple of guys out there with enough experience in 3D modeling to add the parts from the checklist. I just have some knowledge in Maya and 3ds Max and I think a tutorial and some guidlines would help others (and myself) to create the missing parts they want to get.

Besides, if you are planing to translate the website and the workshop in another language I would appreciate it, when I could translate it in German (my native language). If you are interested, just tell me. I think there are a lot of people in Germany, who would love to create something in the workshop but find it to hard to do it with English controls and lose there interest when they see, that there is no German version.

Enjoy your holidays, your wedding (whenever your big day is) and your honeymoon.
27 Jul 2014, 20:21
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I like the idea of a checklist. I could help maintain an updated Google doc checklist with a forum post dedicated to user submitted parts. Scrubs, of you allowed 2 or 3 competent folks to work as a quality assurance on the parts, it would alleviate some pressure off of you to check every singe part.
27 Jul 2014, 21:04
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Sorry to answer your post so late. I planned to but you were quicker than I was to post in the other thread!
Help is always welcomed especially when it's related to modeling of missing parts (or decorations).

As I said in the other post I'll try to put together a simple guide line that I generally follow when I make them (+ examples of files).

27 Jul 2014, 22:54
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Design Mode
A - Select all / Deselect all
B - Start box select tool. Elements in the box will be added to the selection. Press shift to remove them
C - Screenshot
D - Clone selection
F - Flexible Part Tool (only active for flexible parts like rubber band, flex tube, etc.)
H - Hide selection
ALT + H - Show everything
I - Invert selection
J - Group selection
Alt + J - Ungroup selection
L - Display Lamps
M - Toggle between translation and rotation gizmo
P - Select Pivot Point
Q - Toggle between small, medium and large transformation grid
R + (X or Y or Z) + numerical value - Rotation along selected axis in the global or local space
S - Select snap point
CTRL + S - Save
T + (X or Y or Z) + numerical value - Translation along selected axis in the global or local space
V - Toggle between Global and Local Space
W - Display selection tools
Z - Toggle between shaded, shaded with edges and wireframe mode

CTRL + Z - Undo
CTRL + Y - Redo

CTRL + Left Click - Add or remove element to or from the selection

NUMPAD 8 or 2 - Translate along Z axis
NUMPAD 4 or 6 - Translate along X axis
Page Up or Page Down - Translate along Y axis

← or → - Rotate selection 45° along Y axis
↑ or ↓ - Rotate selection 45° along X axis
Home or End - Rotate selection 45° along Z axis (keys next to page up and page down keys on an apple keyboard)

Esc - Deactivate selected tool / Cancel rotation or translation
Ctrl + Click - Add or remove a part/group to the selection

Numpad 5 - Toggle between Perspective and Orthographic projection
Numpad 9 - Toggle between Turntable and Trackball orbit style
Numpad 0 - Reset the position of the camera
Ctrl + Numpad 3 - Left view
Numpad 3 - Right view
Ctrl + Numpad 1 - Back view
Numpad 1 - Front view
Ctrl + Numpad 7 - Bottom view
Numpad 7 - Top view
Numpad . - Center selection or scene
Space - Change camera orientation

Del or Bak - Delete selection

Flexible Tool
B - Box select: add to selection
B + Ctrl - Box select: remove from selection
I - Inverse selection
A - Select all / Deselect all
Click + Ctrl - Add / Remove Anchor point to / from selection
E - Extrude first or last anchor points
D - Divide curve joining two anchor points
DEL or BAK - Delete anchor points
S - Snap anchor point or solid part selected
27 Jul 2014, 22:57
Edited 14 May 2019, 02:16
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All that sounds really good.

I posted a list of keyboard shortcuts in the "Help and Tips" section of the forum.

To keep track of missing parts, the idea of d.schultz sounds good.
Modeling parts (+drawing decorations) is a very time consuming process and having more than 1 person working on it would be a good improvement to mecabricks. For now, I mainly model parts I'm missing when I want to build a model in the workshop so it can be pretty random smiling face with open mouth

Regarding translation, it would be easy to add another language. I can provide the language files. For now I also maintain the parts library in french and english but I guess that it would be ok to simply load the english part names for other languages.

Wedding is next saturday so it's coming soon soon...

Thanks guys
27 Jul 2014, 23:10
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What resources and programs do you use for decorations, like stickers? I had a few thoughts on that topic.

There are obviously some decorations that are stickers, and some that are printed on. For the pieces that have sticker, would it be worth creating a file that could be "applied" like a sticker rather than creating special parts. This would allow people to apply that sticker to custom projects as well.

When it comes to part that have the prints on the piece, its a no brainer that those should be modeled with the graphic on them.

To take it a step further, it would be great to have the option to print the stickers for the particular model you're building.
27 Jul 2014, 23:23
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Awesome, sounds good!
28 Jul 2014, 01:57
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