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To Go Further

After making beautiful renders with the Lite version you want to go a step further. This add-on is for you. Your virtual LEGO® parts will go through a rough treatment and will look like they had a hard time being played with.

The package includes the add-on, two Blender templates with pre-defined render settings and a user manual to learn about preferences and settings.

On the contrary of the Lite Add-on, this version doesn’t require OSL as it generates real geometry. Therefore, both CPU and GPU are supported.

All future versions of this add-on will be free for former buyers.

Cool Features
+ Real bevels
+ Scratches, fingerprints, real roughness
+ Stickers automatically detected with a separate material (only for parts with stickers recently added in Mecabricks)
+ Decorations are correctly handled and layers of materials are automatically generated (with bump maps for printed areas)
+ Possibility to use modifiers (slower) or applied geometry (faster)
+ Support instancing to minimize memory and allow bigger scenes to be rendered on GPU
+ Includes shaders from Lite version

Need Help
- Send me an email using the link in the footer of Mecabricks
- Go to the dedicated topic on the forum

- Remove the Lite Add-on before installing the Advanced Add-on. The Advanced Add-on includes all types of shaders and they can be selected in the preferences.
- Do not scale the model. Move the camera instead.


Change Log

revision 1.0.1 [24 Jun 2017]
- Adapted the code to make it work with the workshop exporter update.
- Fixed material replacement bugs.
- Updated mb_decoration to make it work with multi-transparent parts and parts having transparent inserts.
- Updated default value of bevel segments to 3.

revision 1.0.0 [17 Jun 2017]
- Script has been converted to an add-on. Models can be imported in any Blender scenes.
- Updated materials.
- Included Lite shaders. See add-on preferences.
- Included Principled BSDF based shaders.
- Included templates with pre-defined render settings.

revision 0.1.10 [11 Jun 2017]
- Updated code to make the script work with changes made to the Collada Mecabricks exporter.

revision 0.1.9 [09 Jun 2017]
- Changed default setting of Edge Split modifier to True to avoid flat surfaces being rounded
- Lowered transmission bounces to 8

revision 0.1.8 [08 Jun 2017]
- Optimized the script execution time (10x to 20x faster)
- Added a debug mode to display script information in the console
- Added instancing mode to minimize the memory needed and speed up scene build time
- Removed auto setting of colour management. It is up to the user to have the correct mode selected

revision 0.1.7 [30 May 2017]
- Updated mb_sticker to support decorated parts with stickers containing chrome materials
- Updated all Color Ramp node to constant interpolation
- Updated mb_pearl_effect from mb_pearlescent material
- Added separate input to all materials to control fingerprint strength
- Updated script to support fingerprint input

revision 0.1.6 [01 May 2017]
- Corrected various bugs in the material shaders
- Redesigned Metal and Pearlescent materials
- Added dirt texture
- Updated default values for all materials
- Renamed Fingerprints input to Dirt
- Corrected hex values for chrome materials 309, 310 and 2000

revision 0.1.5 [17 Mar 2017]
- Redesigned and simplified mb_transparent. Render time has decreased for objects with transparent material assigned.
- Updated, and mb_decoration to work with new mb_transparent node
- Lowered strength of mb_flatness

revision 0.1.4 [14 Mar 2017]
- Updated and to make the script work with the latest improvements of the DAE exporter
- Redesigned mb_decoration and mb_sticker
- Added mb_print and mb_background
- Auto detection of decorated parts background material
- shinny areas of prints and stickers appear with appropriate materials
- Bump map automatically generated for printed areas

revision 0.1.3 [10 Mar 2017]
- Fixed default value for bump input of mb_decoration
- Updated and to be able to use the experimental subdivision feature.

revision 0.1.2 [08 Mar 2017]
- Improved mb_flatness
- Improved mb_color
- Added a "color variation" input to material nodes with default value 0.1
- Updated default value of deep scratches

revision 0.1.1 [07 Mar 2017]
- Fixed mb_decoration material
- Updated SSS fall off to Cubic with Sharpness 1

revision 0.1.0 [06 Mar 2017]
- First issue
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