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To Go Further

After making beautiful renders with the Lite version you now want to go a step further. This version of the script is for you. Your virtual LEGO® parts will go through a rough treatment and will look like they had a hard time being played with for more realism.

The package includes a blender file with all the textures needed embedded as well as a simple user manual to get started.

On the contrary of the Lite script, this version doesn’t require OSL and CPU for rendering. If your GPU is supported by Blender then you can use it to render and the parts will still have this nice little bevel.

This script is still in development and all the future version will be free for the buyers.

Cool Features
+ Real bevels
+ Scratches, fingerprints, real roughness
+ Stickers automatically detected with a separate material (only for parts with stickers recently added in Mecabricks)
+ Decorations are correctly handled and layers of materials are automatically generated (with bump maps for printed areas)
+ Support of Filmic-blender
+ Faster viewport (merged vertices) - Bevels only appear on the final render but option can be changed before running the script to show bevels in the viewport.
+ Use of modifiers

To come in the future
+ Proper Blender add-on instead of a script
+ Subdivisions
+ Improved textures
+ Additional textures for more randomization
+ And more!

This script is set to work with Filmic Blender. If you want to know more about this colour management system, you can check this tutorial on Blenderguru by Andrew Price.

If you wish not to use Filmic with the script, you need to update a value in
bpy.context.scene.display_settings.display_device = 'sRGB / BT.709'
shall be replaced by
bpy.context.scene.display_settings.display_device = 'sRGB'

Need Help
- Send me an email using the link in the footer of Mecabricks
- Go to the dedicated topic on the forum


Change Log

revision 0.1.5 [17 Mar 2017]
- Redesigned and simplified mb_transparent. Render time has decreased for objects with transparent material assigned.
- Updated, and mb_decoration to work with new mb_transparent node
- Lowered strength of mb_flatness

revision 0.1.4 [14 Mar 2017]
- Updated and to make the script work with the latest improvements of the DAE exporter
- Redesigned mb_decoration and mb_sticker
- Added mb_print and mb_background
- Auto detection of decorated parts background material
- shinny areas of prints and stickers appear with appropriate materials
- Bump map automatically generated for printed areas

revision 0.1.3 [10 Mar 2017]
- Fixed default value for bump input of mb_decoration
- Updated and to be able to use the experimental subdivision feature.

revision 0.1.2 [08 Mar 2017]
- Improved mb_flatness
- Improved mb_color
- Added a "color variation" input to material nodes with default value 0.1
- Updated default value of deep scratches

revision 0.1.1 [07 Mar 2017]
- Fixed mb_decoration material
- Updated SSS fall off to Cubic with Sharpness 1

revision 0.1.0 [06 Mar 2017]
- First issue
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