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Realistic Rendering made easy

If you are wondering how you could create beautiful images of LEGO models such as the ones you can see in the Mecabricks gallery, this script for Blender is the perfect starting point. Download the free file and follow the video tutorial to get started.

Software and files needed
• Environment images [e.g. zbyg Packs]

Bevel Shader has been made by Piotr. For more information see this thread on

Important Update
The scene set up has been simplified. After importing the collada file, you do not need to add the pieces to the empty object "Model". Ensure that all the imported parts are selected and click "Run Script". It will do the parenting task automatically.

On the contrary of what is said in the video tutorial, do not scale the model. Move the camera further away instead.


Change Log

revision 1.8.9
- Updated to make the script work with the DAE exporter improvements

revision 1.8.8
- Updated transparent material
- Updated chrome material
- Set unit system to metric and updated viewport scale
- Simplified set up process

revision 1.8.7
- Updated transparent material
- Turned on reflective and refractive caustics
- Increased glossy and transmission bounces

revision 1.8.6
- Redesigned rubber material. Node includes inputs to tweak the procedural bump map values.
- Updated rubber black hex and rgb values
- Updated pearlescent material and added a procedural marble texture (Thanks to Cynaptic)
- Fixed bump map scaling issue
- Updated default render samples value from 1000 to 600
- Updated normal wiring for all materials

revision 1.8.5
- Added experimental script to apply a subdivision modifier to parts

revision 1.8.4
- Added support for bump maps
- Updated part names

revision 1.8.3
- Updated values for Orange 106 and Gold Ink 299

revision 1.8.2
- Template compatible with latest version of the Mecabricks workshop
- Work with multicolour flexible parts

revision 1.8.1
- Updated Transparent material

revision 1.08
- Updated value of Transparent material 40
- Updated value of Rubber material 1026
- Updated Transparent material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Solid material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Milky material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Rubber material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by Layer Weight for Pearlescent material

revision 1.07
- Corrected value for colour 119
- Removed "Display Relationship Lines"
- Updated Fresnel Node
- Changed subsurface scatering depth to 0.5mm to avoid black lines at edges
- Remove SSS from Chrome material
- Reworked Metal and Rubber materials
- Tidied up materials

revision 1.06
- Updated SSS node and mix shader
- Updated glossiness for some of the materials
- Fixed Speckle and Glitter materials
- Updated scale of default scene (1 instead of 0.02)
- Updated camera end clipping point

revision 1.05
- Update colour value of Gold Ink (299)

revision 1.04
- Update colour value of Medium Azur (322)

revision 1.03
- Update colour value of Light Nougat (283)
- Update colour value of Medium Nougat (312)

revision 1.02
- Fix shader issues with Blender 2.74 for Windows

revision 1.01
- Change subsurface scattering falloff to gaussian in order to avoid Blender 2.74 crashing under Windows.

revision 1.0
- First issue
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