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Bus Station
Published 1 month ago
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Cute bus stop. Substituted missing pieces: 3137c01, 15, 17, 14pb03.
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1 month ago
You need to play around with the lighting and in the compositor a bit.
1 month ago
Still learning. Any suggestions Renderbricks?
1 month ago
The Filmic Blender allows to crank up light to extreme levels what you usually won't do with the former method. Save the picture in OpenEXR and load it into the Compositor. If you do a new scene you need to take care that the profile is set to Filmic Blender and your Look for the Compositor. To Color Correct us the Color Balance node in ASC-CDSL and for the final touch you can add a RGB Curves after that. This helps you to adjust your rendered picture to what you want or like.
1 month ago
So, figured out the compositor (found a tutorial). I added a couple of nodes, but not quite what you had. I'll give that a try. I'm rendering with lower background brightness (reduces the blowout) and more contrast. Will then try the compositor on that scene.

Thanks for the tips!
1 month ago
Okay, one more try. Looks more real, but probably a bit dark still. Fixed focal blur (was wrong in the 2nd render).
1 month ago
Some nodes do not support the workflow (yet). So be careful.
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