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Audi Quattro Sport S1
Published 3 weeks ago
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I've been playing Dirt Rally lately, and I got inspired to recreate the legendary Audi Quattro Sport S1.

The Quattro was the first rally car to implement all wheel drive, and it dominated the competition.

It was powered by an unusual straight-five turbocharged engine, which produced about 500 horsepower.

The widebody kit and massive spoiler in the back would look ridiculous on almost any other car, but they suit this larger-than-life rally machine perfectly.
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3 weeks ago

Especially the 3 circles logo in the front face with tears of joy
3 weeks ago
@zanna Thanks, glad you like it! I wish I'd had room to make it technically accurate with four circles but what can you do face with stuck-out tongue
3 weeks ago
Those new 1x1 corner tiles on the front bumper work so well!
3 weeks ago
@Loek Thanks! I stumbled across them and they fit perfect here. I always feel like I'm somehow "cheating" when I use new elements though face with stuck-out tongue
3 weeks ago
Sometimes that's true, but I think with such a small area of the build it doesn't really matter. To me that is smiling face with open mouth
1 week ago
Whoa, thanks for the render! Those materials look great. I'm honored!
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